Old Harvest

“The balance of the eternal Solera...”

It was supposed to be raisin juice, but it was born from an incomplete dehydration during the 1964 harvest. Time has passed… Its evolution and balance are so positive that today it would be unforgivable not to continue elaborating it with the eternal lore of Criaderas and Soleras. José Antonio Zarzana – Winemaker

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol content: 17%
Volume: 50 cl.
Presentation: 5 Bottles x Case



Grape hand-picked and exposed to the sun for 3 days in addition to the usual harvest. It is taken to the winepress in small boxes of no more than 15 kg. and fermented in barrels until it reaches 17% of natural alcohol. When this graduation is not reached exactly, it is acquired by concentration in the barrel itself.

It joins then our 1964 Solera. 100% Pedro Ximénez from Oxidative Aging, “unique piece” in the whole Jerez region. A white variety that behaves “dry” with notes very similar to those of “Palo Cortado” and “Oloroso”, but with the subtlety and elegance of a grape that has never been bottled with this particular production. It is not the typical Oxidative Aging Sherry wine, in effect the alcoholic perception is minimal thanks to the fact that the alcohol content is obtained through fermentation and concentration in the barrel. For this reason and in order to avoid refermentations, the contribution of raisin juice that softens the wine and leaves sugars unfermented, is made very carefully each year, providing very few litres per barrel in aging, until it reaches 45 grams per litre in the last year.

The selected barrels are blended one year before being bottled in a proportion in such a way that the Oxidative Aging notes predominate, but the edges of the oak are avoided, following sensory tasting criteria, in order not to distort the final balance reached. The aim is to achieve a well balanced harmony between old age, oak tannins, fermentation alcohol and the characteristics of the Pedro Ximénez variety.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: Dark amber colored wine, clean, bright, glyceric and steely with apparent density. The glass, in rotation, shows an accentuated teardrop that denotes the fermentative origin of its alcoholic content.

NOSE: Intense nose with aromas of woodwork, proper of the persistence of the Oak and the oxidation during the years. Plums and raisins also appear in second place, to finally return to noble woods.

TASTE: In the palate full, round, balanced, with an intense and soft aftertaste of natural sweetness, which dissipates with a certain degree of high volatile acidity, typical of his old age. In mouth intense without being heavy, with smoky touches and soft roasts hints. Surprisingly dry without “tablazón” and finely almond finished.

“Out of respect to the freedom of all wine lovers and not condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA’s policy is not to recommend pairing with any of their elaborations”

  Tasting Notes

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