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“Finding the origins…”

Nobody ever thought that making such a dry wine from Pedro Ximénez grape was possible. Nobody ever thought that this would possibly be one of the most expressive wine in a tasting. The qualities and finishing of a wine depend on the nobility of its origin. Here is where it all begins. José Antonio Zarzana – Winemaker

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol content: 14%
Volume: 75 cl.
Presentation: 3 Bottles x Case



White wine from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes, overripe in the vine for 21 additional days to conventional harvesting. It is harvested by hand and transported in boxes of 15 kg. to prevent damage to the fruit that is already evolved and less compact than the fresh grapes, but full of aromatic and sensory concentrations.

It is milled in a soft winepress, with yields per tonne of fresh grape of less than 600 litres of pressed must. Immediately after milling, it is placed with its skins in 300 litre French Oak barrels, adding 30 litres each day to each barrel – hence the name Slow Fermentation – so that the yeasts finish off all the sugars daily and leave the wine completely dry. This total fermentation is especially difficult in the Pedro Ximénez variety, due to its known ability to maintain residual sugars.

The musts are aged on lees with gentle battonage for six months in Oak barrels, reaching a very complex structure. The overripe grape, with its concentration of aromas and flavours, is extraordinarily expressive and with manifestations different from those of any other wine, so that the low yields per tonne and the slowness of the process acquire meaning. The result is a great aged wine where the qualities improve every year its evolution in the bottle, which can easily exceed 15 years, with high levels of quality.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: During the first years of evolution in bottle, the visual phase is clean and intense gold with greenish iridescence and glyceric notes, when the glass is rotated. As time passes it is important to observe how the tonality of gold intensifies, always remaining clean.

NOSE: The nose is marked by the French Oak, which is attenuated with notes of raisins and dried plums. It lacks oxidation. There is no stridency, but harmony of all the elements. The natural aromatic characteristics are distinctly unique.

TASTE: In mouth, the non-existent alcoholic sensation, in spite of its 14 alcoholic content, is surprising. It is full-bodied and attacks all organoleptic perceivers, since from the tip of the acidity to the aftertaste of wood and ripe fruit, it is persistent and rich in plenitude.

“Out of respect to the freedom of all wine lovers and not condition their personal creativity, Ximenez-Spinola’s policy is not to recommend pairing with any of their elaborations”

  Tasting Notes

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