Exceptional Harvest

“Ripe grapes kept in a bottle…”

There was a time when white wines with natural fructose were the exclusive heritage of Central European winemaking. Without losing the traditions of the Old Continent, this wine is made in a land where never a bottle of wine contained so much ripe grapes. José Antonio Zarzana – Winemaker

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Volume: 75 cl.
Presentation: 6 Bottles x Case



This wine is born from the over-ripening of the vine 21 days after the usual harvest, which means that the grapes, that remain uncut at the time of maximum water concentration, evaporate acquiring a natural degree and sweetness, without becoming extremely concentrated. The final yield of this wine is only 575 liters per ton of grape, although occasionally it could be higher if the weather favors an early maturation, without losing so much water.

It is fermented by controlling the temperature so that it can maintain residual sugar, and it is then aged on its own lees for 4 months in old American Oak barrels, which we previously vinified with our oxidative wines. During its aging in wood, we do a controlled “soft battonage”, avoiding the use of new barrels, so that the astringency and power of the Oak, together with the intensity of the process itself, do not make the final result lose elegance or balance.

The annual volume of bottles obtained varies depending on the weather conditions that may develop between the second half of September and the first half of October. In any case, so far, no more than 25,000 bottles a year have ever been obtained, part of which remains in the Winery to enhance its good performance. It is a white wine with two major conservation factors that make it particularly long-lasting: the high total acidity of the wine and the residual sugar, which mitigates the edges of aging on lees.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: Intense golden color, clean and bright, with an apparent density unusual for a white wine. The rotating glass leaves a glyceric teardrop of its natural fermentation. Over the years its intensity increases and the perception of old amber gold grows.

NOSE: Intense nose, with exceptional aromas very typical of late harvest: figs, raisins and plums, which are mixed with aromas of fermentation and pastries, proper of aging on lees. It develops very marked aromatic memories of its variety.

TASTE: Light and intense in equal parts. So subtly unctuous that it satisfies, but does not tire. Acidity and the natural sweetness play with the ripe and fleshy fruit, giving way to a continuous aftertaste in which the wood does not disturb.

“Out of respect to the freedom of all wine lovers and not condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA’s policy is not to recommend pairing with any of their elaborations”

  Tasting Notes

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