“Made the old fashioned way...”

Distilling Pedro Ximénez is not easy. Extracting its aromas and nuances and making them stay in Chestnut barrel, seems atypical. However, the most complicated thing is blending the toasted silkiness and the reminiscence of raisins with alcohol. Here’s the result. José Antonio Zarzana – Winemaker

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol content: 40%
Volume: 70 cl.
Presentation: 3 Bottles x Case



Distilled from the wines of our House, which is part of the first phase of the aging process of the rest of the brandies we produce. Once distilled from Pedro Ximénez, the extracted alcohols are aged in wooden casks of Chestnut of 750 liters of capacity, which have been previously enveloped with our wine Pedro Ximénez.

Chestnut was the basic wood used by the cooperage in Jerez before 1939, when deforestation caused by the civil war forced it to be replaced by American Oak. This distillate remains for at least 12 years in Chestnut barrels before bottling. In other words, this is the closest possible distillate to the Brandy that was drunk in Spain until the middle of the 20th century. Honestly, no one does any similar elaboration today.

The particularity of Chestnut is that it is a wood that does not provide excessive astringent notes. Its flavours and aromas are basically of oxidation, being so respectful with the original product that it even helps to preserve the aromatic and gustatory memory of the Pedro Ximénez grape itself.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: Amber coloured distillate, clean, shiny and particularly pale, without edges thanks to the neutrality of Chestnut. Its not excessively intense colour contrasts with its 12-year aging and is proof that the wood has been extremely respectful with all the phases of the tasting, including the visual one.

NOSE: The nose is intense but not heavy, with aromas reminiscent of raisins and plums, typical of the wining of our Pedro Ximénez barrels. The persistence of the aroma does not come from the wood and is basically due to the oxidation, being an elegant fragrance and not aggressively intense.

PALATE: In the mouth it maintains a serene balance, allowing the quality of the original aged wine distillate to be appreciated. Subtle aftertaste of natural sweetness that helps smoothing the alcoholic edges, making them almost imperceptible. It keeps intense touches of an enveloping wood that does not add bitterness and makes it especially pleasant to the palate. It invites you to keep on drinking because it doesn’t burn in your throat either, despite its 40% alcohol content.

“Out of respect to the freedom of all wine lovers and not condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA’s policy is not to recommend pairing with any of their elaborations”

  Tasting Notes

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