“For lovers of balanced cigars…”

This is possibly the most difficult to obtain among the Cigars Clubs in our House, and that is precisely because what we are looking for is “balance within balance”. That is to say, it must accompany the most intense Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars and at the same time the medium strength Cuban cigars. All this while still being a distillate of varying degrees within a very homogeneous Solera… José Antonio Zarzana – Winemaker

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcohol content: 45,17%
Volume: 70 cl.
Presentation: Individual Oak Case



Distilled from 100% Pedro Ximénez grape wines, with a yield of nearly 90 litres of Brandy per tonne of fresh grapes. Certified real raisin wine is distilled in order to obtain “Holandas finas de alquitara”, capable of producing “Brandy distilled from wine” with organoleptic characteristics different from those of any other distillate.

Until this Solera was founded in 1948, no winemaker dedicated to Pedro Ximénez had ever done anything similar, and even today our procedures are the only ones of their kind known in Spain. After distillation, this product spends 12 years in a 750 litre Chestnut barrel and another 12 years in 250 litre American Oak barrels. Once the precise quality for the cigars of Fortaleza Nº2 has been selected, another year passes, unifying the whole obtained. The sum of upbringing periods means that the average age of each bottle is no less than 25 years.

Since this is a specific selection for cigars, we don’t choose the barrels that are regular as the rest of the Solera, but those that have organoleptic characteristics that are markedly suitable for the cigars they are intended to accompany.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: At sight the tone is bright amber. In fact, it is apparently more intense in its chromaticity than Cigars Club Nº1, which is logical because it is a distillate with much more oxidation and, consequently, the greenish iridescence of the edges is more pronounced.

NOSE: In the olfactory phase the aromatic intensity is moderate: raisins and dried plums. The alcoholic perception is remarkable, initially high but gradually balanced with the progressive oxygenation of the glass. Alcohol content is higher than perceived. Present and prolonged wood.

TASTE: In mouth it is specific and with very marked wooden features, without losing its balance. The P.X. notes don’t stand out over the distillate. The retro-nasal phase is intense and very persistent, with a very long aftertaste intensity. It has a natural tendency to vanilla notes that make the smoke of the last two thirds very pleasant.

  Tasting Notes

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