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30 January 2019

When we openly talk about the Solera system as we apply it in XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA, we are recognizing that each year we obtain the 20% of our wines from it. Consequently, in the remaining 80% there is a blend of different vintages, with wines from all harvests since the year this Solera was founded.

It all starts every year when the musts ferment and, after acquiring natural alcoholic strength, they are decanted and established thanks to the proper climatology of the seasons. On the 30th of November of each year the festivity of San Andrés is celebrated. The oral tradition of our elders says that “Por San Andrés el mosto, vino es” (“For Saint Andrew, the must, wine is”) and effectively between December and January, the already fermented musts have been separated from their lees, and the cold late autumn and early winter has done its job of natural stabilization in barrels. This is how it has been documented since November 1918, in our Solera of Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo which was born that year.

“We have put at the disposal of our friends and ambassadors, ten thousand commemorative units, which we want to share the celebration of this happy anniversary with”

Therefore, a century has just passed since our oldest Solera was created, requesting the start of its “Ageing Account” from the Commission of Wine Producers and Exporters, predecessor of the Regulatory Council of Jerez. Although the Family Company “Phelipe Zarzana Spínola y Cia.” was founded in 1729, in 1918 it had only been twenty-four years since wine labelled with the commercial brand XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA was bottled, but with no specific date of age. Our first bottles initially contained the wine from one or more harvests, but we did not have a Solera with a specific starting date, so it was created to accredit it from 1918.

At the turn of a century of that historic moment, we have put at the disposal of our friends and ambassadors over so many years, ten thousand commemorative units, which we want to share the celebration of this happy anniversary with. It is the same Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo that we have always made, but with a different exterior appearance. Our desire is to share this birthday with the lovers of what we do. It is the “Message in a Bottle” of many stories to tell: one for each successive year, of the wines that proportionally form part of the 100 harvests of the different years, which are captured in the 100 photographs printed on the back, of the guarantee certificate that accompanies each bottle and which have been blended until reaching the withdrawal of this Centenary Edition.


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